Independent Schools

Nawarddeken Academy

Location: West Arnhem Land

Primary (Years 1 to 6)
Middle (Years 7 to 9)


Executive Officer: Olga Scholes

Contact Details:

The Nawarddeken Academy Limited (NAL) was established at the request of local Indigenous elders based in the Warddeken Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) in west Arnhem. It opened in 2015 in Kabulwarnamyo, under an MOU with NT DoE. NAL began operations as a registered independent school in 2019. 

In 2021, NAL opened two more schools in Mamadawerre and Manmoyi respectively. The Academy offers a unique model of bi-cultural, community-driven education centred around the Kuwarddewardde Malkno (Stone Country Seasonal Calendar), integrating national learning outcomes with the seasonality and deep cultural knowledge of the Warddeken IPA. Communities have joint ownership of NAL, actively overseeing the direction of the school and participating in the education of their children on a daily basis.