International Education

'The Northern Territory is uniquely positioned to forge links with international schools, access and observe best practice within the schools of our region, and offer quality education to students from other countries. There are nine world capitals as close (or closer to) Darwin than Canberra. Independent Schools in the Northern Territory have access to the northern region that other Australian schools cannot match'.

The Northern Territory Government released the Northern Territory International Education and Training Strategy 2014-2024, which outlines a plan to strengthen the Territory's position as a gateway between Australia and Asia through education.

Education is a key component of the Northern Territory's connection with the region, building lifetime partnerships and friendships.  Investing in and growing our international education and training sector will have far reaching economic and social benefits, including significant advantages for young Territorians making their way in the world.  A stronger education system benefits everyone.

International students from countries throughout Asia choose to undertake study and research with Northern Territory educational institutions, including Independent Schools. The Northern Territory has education and research partnerships, exchange programs and school connections with countries throughout the region including Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Timor-Leste.  Independent Schools in the Northern Territory have established international connections with several schools in the region.

The AISNT provides support to Member Schools in establishing these connections.

International Students

CRICOS registered Independent Schools in the Northern Territory provide exceptional educational for international students. 

(CRICOS - Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students)

The following Independent Schools in the Northern Territory are CRICOS registered:

The Northern Territory Government's Study in Australia's Northern Territory website has lots of information for students and their families.

Supporting International Schools

St Anthony's International School, Dili,Timor-Leste

St Anthony's International School started as the Tutoring Tree, by Cristina Costa Ribeiro and Cesar Dias Quintas, who made a commitment to provide opportunities for  Timorese children to participate the International Education system in Timor.  The school is developing rapidly, due to the determination of the St Anthony's School staff to deliver an education that is rigorous and international, preparing students for the global future.  The teaching staff are drawn from Filipino, Portuguese and local backgrounds and the teaching and learning programs are delivered in English.

St Anthony's was accepted as an Associate Member at the AISNT Management Committee Meeting in August 2016. AISNT and its Member Schools are supporting the emerging St Anthony's International School with resources and funding, as well as establishing ongoing relationships. We are proud to be associated with this remarkable young school.

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