Posted 2020-11-26

Progress of the Australian Curriculum Review

Curriculum review

The progress of the Australian Curriculum review is running according to schedule. The review of the general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities are in the final draft stage, ready for consideration by the Education Council. The majority of the learning areas are at the stage of content reduction and realignment with Mathematics and Technologies being almost ready for review as well by the Education Council. Some issues are being worked through by our independent associations nationally to ensure that the aims of the review are being met. Early next year the public comment window will be open for feedback on the proposed changes to the F-10 Mathematics and Technologies. This will be an important time for all stakeholders to provide rich commentary on the work done by ACARA and the curriculum specialist groups. 

The new ACARA website is in its project phase, and the prototype is looking much improved and changed from the current version. It is very exciting to see that many of the teacher suggestions have been taken into consideration. A few improvements include more user-friendly views of learning areas with options of multiple years or a single year starting with the achievement standard rather than content descriptions. Teachers will be able to highlight a sentence in the achievement standard, which will, in turn, highlight the content descriptors that match. Just one of the many new features that will make the website more accessible and adaptable for teachers.