Posted 2018-09-25

The AISNT General Meeting was held in Alice Springs on 25 September 2018. Participants were welcomed to the beautiful setting at St Philip’s College by Principal Roger Herbert who set the tone for the day saying, ‘Education in my mind is the number one thing in Australia. If you are all about money, spend money here and now on education and save money down the track. We need to invest now for the future.’

There were many high-calibre presentations. Many thanks to all presenters, including: Adam Llewellyn, Manager Non-Government Schools Education Services, NT Department of Education; Gavin Cragg and Will Snow, Finlaysons Lawyers; Kayla Wilson, Smart Teachers; and Paul Mears, Program Director at National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative. Paul also presented a scholarship for one senior female teacher at St Anthony’s International School, Dili to enrol in the Advanced Leadership Program of the Leading Teachers Colloquium.

Chris Harvey, Principal Nyangatjatjara College, provided an update on the Centring Anangu Voices project, including showing the stunning painting that embodies the school’s strategic vision.

Cheryl Salter gave insights into economic, population and educational data including predictions for the Northern Territory future. Gail Barker provided an historical overview of school funding as a way to help with understand the current funding picture.

Thanks to all presenters and participants who made time for this important information sharing at a busy point in the school year, and to the gracious hosts St Philip’s College.