Independent Schools

Northern Territory Board of Studies

The Northern Territory Board of Studies (NTBOS) provides and receives advice from the Minister and Chief Executive on:

  • curriculum for all students in the Northern Territory
  • policy and procedures for assessment, reporting and certification
  • monitoring, evaluating and reporting on student outcomes
  • consultation with representative authorities engaged in education.


Northern Territory Board of Studies Awards

The Northern Territory Board of Studies (NTBOS) holds annual award ceremonies to recognise the achievements of students in government and non-government schools across the Northern Territory.

In addition to awards for the Territory's top 20 NT Certificate of Education and Training completers, merit awards for Stage 2 board-accredited subjects and industry-sponsored awards, schools nominate students for the following award categories:

  • Administrator's Medal
  • School-based Apprentice/Trainee of the Year
  • Vocational Education and Training in Schools Awards
  • Karmi Sceney Aboriginal Excellence and Leadership Awards
  • Sally Bruyn Senior Primary School Science Award.

For more information of the Northern Territory Board of Studies Awards, visit the NTBOS AWARDS WEBSITE.