Independent Schools

What is an Independent School in the Northern Territory?

An Independent School is a non-government school that is governed, managed and accountable at the level of the individual school.  Its governing body in autonomous.

There are some Independent Schools with particular church or educational philosophy that, although constituted independently, operate within a mutually supportive school system. The Lutheran Schools Association (LSA) and the Northern Territory Christian Schools (NTCS) are school systems within the Independent Schools Sector of the Northern Territory.

The Independent Schools Sector in the Northern Territory is made up of different groups or small systems of schools as well as many individually operated schools. Independent schools vary widely in size from small very remote schools with as few as 50 students to large provincial schools with more than 1000 students. Independent schools are located in all areas of Northern Territory.

The Independent Schools Sector is characterised by diversity.

Debunking Common Myths about Independent Schools

There are many popular misconceptions about Independent schools. The following fact sheet examines some of the most commonly repeated myths, and provides some up-to-date facts.

Individual Independent Schools

Individual Independent Schools in the Northern Territory are:

Lutheran Schools (Lutheran Schools Association)

Lutheran schools are independently operated and the education program they offer can be tailored to serve the needs of their local communities.  Lutheran schools gear their resources to ensure they remain faithful to their mission and are accessible to the community.

Lutheran schools are strongly linked by a common ethos, aiming to provide quality education in which the gospel of Jesus Christ informs all learning and teaching, all human relationships and all activities.

Lutheran Schools in the Northern Territory are:

Steiner Schools

Steiner education balances academic, artistic, practical & social aspects by educating the whole child. It prepares our children for an unpredictable future through a process of nurturing the child from within. Steiner Education is designed to meet the changing needs of children, aiming to enable each stage of growth to be fully and vividly enjoyed and experienced. The academic, artistic and social practical aspects or ‘head, heart and hands’ are treated as complementary elements of a single learning program allowing each to throw light on the other.

Steiner Education’s curriculum is responsive to the developmental phases of childhood. It is permeated with the arts, encourages creativity, and cultivates children’s imagination, as well as cognitive growth and a sense of responsibility for nature and its inhabitants. Academic subjects, including writing and reading are taught differently to mainstream educational methods. This requires awareness by parents of processes used within the Steiner system and tolerance for students to be at levels that differ from mainstream peers.

Steiner Schools in the Northern Territory:

Christian Schools (Northern Territory Christian Schools)

Northern Territory Christian Schools  (NTCS) delivers and promotes high quality education based on Christian principles. 

NTCS is committed to supporting parents in the nurturing of their children and promotion of a strong partnership between parents and staff in each of its school communities.

The core objectives of NTCS are to provide quality Christian education, training and care to young Territorians.

Christian Schools in the Northern Territory: