Educating Better Together Forum - 13-14 March 2019

Two Day Forum of Dialogue and Sharing of Best Practice and International Trends

Presented by Dr George Otero, Center for RelationaLearning

School Leaders and Teachers are invited to join Dr George Otero for a Two-Day Forum addressing the theme Educating Better Together and explore the following four critical questions:

  • What is our educational and moral purpose?
  • What are our underpinning beliefs about children, our families and our community?
  • Why are relationships the key to educational success?
  • How do we expand, improve and build new relationships to educate better together? The forum will focus on the why, what and how of Educating Better Together through sharing of best practice and strategies for change that will focus on connecting family, school and community through positive culturally driven relationships.

More information here.  Program details and venue will be posted once confirmed.

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