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Membership Code of Conduct

AISNT Membership Code of Conduct

Membership means that schools are independent, that they are registered and that they aspire to principles of good practice.

The members of AISNT are Independent Schools in the Northern Territory.

Independent Schools are schools which:

  • are registered under Part 7 of the Education Act (NT) 2015;
  • provide full-time tuition with suitable staff;
  • are not run for profit; and
  • are not administered by or on behalf of the Northern Territory Government.

A school is eligible to apply for membership of AISNT provided it satisfies the criteria for admission to membership under Part 3, Division 1, of the AISNT Constitution.

Registration of a school requires that the school:

  • is incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act or otherwise provides evidence of the school’s not-for-profit status;
  • is responsible and ethical in the use of public monies provided for the education of students;
  • has an appropriate governance structure defined by a constitution; and
  • can demonstrate that it has policies and procedures in place that will enable the school to meet the requirements of the Education Act (NT) 2015 and the Education Regulations (NT) 2015.

In serving their communities, member schools should aspire to high standards of school governance by basing their policies and procedures on principles of good practice and demonstrating:

  • the setting of strategic direction for the school;
  • ethical decision-making to ensure that decisions are well informed and transparent;
  • accountability for the financial viability of the school in order to ensure that the school can deliver the education offered to students to support the school’s mission;
  • awareness by school committee members, board members and governors of their roles and responsibilities and those of management;
  • accountability for the governance standards of the school;
  • responsible management of the school; and
  • sound employment practices at the school and the effective use of government funding.

Inherent in accepting membership of AISNT is an acceptance by a school as a member, it has a responsibility to ensure that no action by the school should bring AISNT and its other members into disrepute.