About Us

What is the AISNT?

The Association of Independent Schools of the Northern Territory (AISNT) was formed in 1989 to represent and promote the diverse interests of Independent schools in the Northern Territory. 

AISNT is not a system authority, but a representative and service organisation, providing information and advice to schools on many issues and promoting the sector to governments, the education community and the general public.

AISNT is incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act. 

AISNT is a member of the Independent Schools of Australia (ISA), which is representative of all State and Territory Independent School Associations.

There are 23 member schools across the Northern Territory with a total enrolment of approximately 6550 students.  

Within existing legislative requirements, Independent schools and systems are autonomous in their operations, determining their own curriculum and co-curricular programs, discipline policies, employment of staff and management of resources, provided they meet the registration requirements under the Education Act (NT) 2016.

AISNT is committed to 

  • engaging and partnering with member schools
  • communicate and promote the benefits and contributions Independent schools make
  • representing and advocating for the Independent sector in the Northern Territory

More information about AISNT and our Member Schools are in the following Fact Sheets:

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision is to be the leading body working in partnership with Northern Territory Independent Schools in the provision of quality education for young global citizens in a changing world.

Our Mission is to shape education now and for the future.

The AISNT values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Understanding, tolerance and inclusion
  • A fair go
  • Freedom

To uphold the principles of

  • Equity
  • Diversity
  • Choice
  • Excellence