Tiwi College

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Pickataramoor, Melville Island
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Located at Pickataramoor on Melville Island, Tiwi College is an exciting and dynamic secondary boarding school initiated and governed by the Tiwi people to provide quality education for the young Tiwi.

The College is owned and managed by the Tiwi people through the Tiwi Education Board, which is comprised of senior men and women from all Tiwi communities. Pickataramoor is located approximately 60kms away from the closest community. Our college IS the community of Pickataramoor!

Tiwi College is a weekly boarding facility where students are accommodated in Family Group Homes. The college caters for holistic learning; helping the young Tiwi become "work ready". At Tiwi College we value the life skills learned in the Family Group Homes as highly as our academic programs.