Mäpuru Christian School

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Mäpuru Community, Arnhem Land, NT
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Mäpuru Christian School is located in the very remote area of north east Arnhem Land and is embedded in the Mäpuru community. The school commenced as part of NT Christian Schools on Monday 19 July, 2010. Under the leadership of Teaching Principal, Linda Miller and Yolŋu teacher Jackie Ŋuluwidi, 43 students were in attendance on the first day of school.
There is a strong sense of team work between Balanda (non Indigenous) and Yolŋu staff at the school. Without this, and the leadership and direction from the Yolŋu teachers, Mäpuru Christian School would not be functioning as effectively as it currently is. With up to 58 enthusiastic students ranging from Preschool to Year 10, every day is indeed a busy one!