International Education

The Northern Territory is uniquely positioned to forge links with international schools, access and observe best practice within the schools of our region, and offer quality education to students from other countries. There are nine world capitals as close (or closer to) Darwin than Canberra. NT Independent Schools have access to the northern region that other Australian schools cannot match.

Supporting international schools

click here to go to page for St Anthony's International School, Dili

St Anthony's International School, formerly BB’s Tutoring Tree, is an Independent School in Dili, Timor-Leste. St Anthony's International School was accepted as an Associate Member at the AISNT Management Committee Meeting in August 2016. This is the first International School to become a member of AISNT and we look forward to the opportunities that will eventuate from this affiliation.

AISNT and NT Independent Schools are supporting the emerging St Anthony's International School with resources and funding, as well as establishing ongoing relationships. Read more.

Sharing best practice

In September 2016, staff from various NT Independent Schools and the AISNT undertook an International Benchmarking Study tour to Hong Kong led by Dr Stephen Brown. Read the report here.

Providing education for international students

NT Independent schools provide great education for students from a variety of countries, particularly South-East Asia. See our member schools' websites for further information.

Connecting with our neighbours

Many NT Independent schools are creating relationships and linkages with schools, universities and thinkers in our region. One example can be read here.