Professional Learning

AISNT creates and delivers high quality Professional Learning including seminars, hands-on workshops, study tours, and licenced/partnership training initiatives. We have ongoing relationships with top providers including the Queensland Educational Leadership Institute (QELi), the Centre for School Leadership at Charles Darwin University, Cognition Education in New Zealand, and MindStretchers in Scotland.

Our Professional Learning is aligned with national strategic priorities, with an emphasis on supporting quality leadership and teaching, improving educational outcomes for Indigenous youth and disadvantaged young Australians, promoting world class curriculum and assessment, sustainability and relationship-based education.

Upcoming Opportunities:

* The Rock & Water Program  is holding events in the NT in 2017 as follows:


Darwin - 3 Day 29th-31st May
Alice Springs - 3 Day 30th Aug-1st Sept
Darwin - Focus on Primary  25th-26th Sept
Darwin - Focus on Women & Girls 23rd-24th October


More info: